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2:06 pm
March 21, 2022


NFL Veteran
NFL Veteran

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Post edited 2:07 pm – March 21, 2022 by wikkidpissah

ok, i have randomized and the teams will be:
A: 7th pick
B: 11th
C: 9th
D: 6th
E: 4th
F: 10th
G: 2nd
H: 8th
I: 1st
J: 12th
K: 5th
L: 3rd
i'll recognize who some of them are by who they picked but hope to be as unbiased as possible. here goes

2:51 pm
March 21, 2022


NFL Veteran
NFL Veteran

posts 341

Post edited 2:57 pm – March 21, 2022 by wikkidpissah



QBs: KMurray, MJones, JGaroppolo. I have never been as high on Kyler as most, tho must stipulate he's been a volume scorer when he's clicking. Gimme a mobile QB over a runner who can throw anyday. Wouldnt have picked him this yr cuz he's #1on my "most likely to quit" list. On Jones, regression is my guess, but only because this is the year that we learn that the game has passed Belichick by. Got a feeling Jimmy G's staying put  B+


RBs: JMixon, AGibson, EMitchell, DHarris, AMattison, JWilson, TGoodson (R). Impressive depth. This is probably the way to do RBs now. This team can be pretty sure they'll have coverage all the way thru, wont hinge on a bellcow & will have a back to flex on occasion. Not a big fan of any but Harris but i'd shonuff take any of the top 4. A


WRs: AStBrown, Hollywood Brown, AThielen, MVScantling, LShenault, BBerrios, rookies GPickens, Jameson Williams, JMetchie. Kinda dicey, but i suppose it could work out. StBrown is a coinflip to improve/regress, i been waiting 3yrs for Hollywood not to be the only WR coverage draw in the Ravens scheme, Thielen will book cuz JJeff can only draw more attention, MVS the worst "good" WR in the game, who knows if Shenault has been ruined, Berrios could actually be the top scorer of this bunch if he'd gone FA to a team who knows how, i loooove these rooks 3 yrs from now, but injury & experience will limit their value in '22. C


TEs: PFreiermuth, THigbee, TMcBride. Love tight ends who show anything as rookies, so am hopeful for Freiemuth (who now has MVP Mitch instead of that HOF bum) here. Respect how little draft capital was used to assemble options at a dead position. B

No highlights or detriment @ K/D


Summation: I would like to run this team, but i wouldnt bet anything on my chances, know'm'saying. Havent looked at the other teams yet, but i'll venture to guess the win range of this team is highest in the league. Overall grade: B-


3:25 pm
March 21, 2022


NFL Veteran
NFL Veteran

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Post edited 11:17 am – March 22, 2022 by wikkidpissah



QB: JHerbert, DCarr, MRyan. Herbert's a joy to watch. The new Chargers coach is decidedly NOT a joy to watch. This game we love is still an abstraction of war and must be led, not programmed, and Staley is gonna find that out even more severely this year now that he stands a good chance to be the worst team in his division. But his QB will book #s. Feel the opposite about Carr – meh on him, love the coach. Ryan will be as good as Rivers. Solid A

RB: DMontgomery, JJacobs, MSanders, CPatterson, Moss, Lindsay, Gaskin. I have a perverse appreciation for this top 4. I can only conclude that Miles Sanders benches himself, because nobody with a brain in their heads would not find a way to get this kid 20 touches a wk otherwise. Monty & Jake are both potential 2nd rounders in their new offenses and, if Arthur Smith had found Cordarelle 5 yrs ago, he'd have been a star. The bottom 3 are inferior talents who have all been figured out. B-

WR:  JJefferson, JChase, JJSmith-Schuster, DJChark, JLandry, Hardman, Beasley, CWilson. Boy howdy – my picks for top 2 WRs in ball next yr, the only 20pters in the league JuJu isthe best possession receiver Mahomes has ever had (Kelce included) but i worry about him devolving almost as much as i did with Watkins. Rest o' the depth aint special (Wilson shoulda stayed in Big D), but star power @ wideout will be big this yr. A (+ if JuJu keeps it together)

TE: Knox, Thomas. Another value approach that i like. B

OVERALL: Playoff team, i'd say, finals possible. B+/A-

11:19 am
March 23, 2022


NFL Veteran
NFL Veteran

posts 341

Post edited 11:46 am – March 23, 2022 by wikkidpissah

Team C:


QB: PMahomes, JFields. Well, big change in the last hour. I'm hoping the trading of Hill is, beyond not wanting to give a non-team guy $30mil/yr, an indication of the KC staff realizing how defensible they were becoming. If they dont replace him well it could be troublesome but Kelce, JuJu, Landry or a top rook. a jar of stickum for Hardman to run the Tyreke rts with….yeah, maybe. Still, it's the guy you want top yo lineup every week. Without a motion change, Fields is never going to be much of a QB, but the RPO will be the next big wave in offense and he should benefit from that. A-


RB: DSwift, SBarkley, BHall, RMostert, JWilliams, DJohnson, JCook, etc. Three 1st rd talents, but the rook could end up with the top #s of the bunch. Saquon's blocking will be better, but does he have terminal happy feet now? Can Swift/Mostert stay whole (good job getting D'A's backup)? Miami was stoopit not to realize how much coming home meant to Duke Johnson – the Browns nearly ruined him by squarepegging and it's a shame, tho maybe not a sin that he has to return to northern climes. B-


WR: HRenfrow, DSmith, CKirk, JJones, TBurks, RAnderson, LTreadwell, NAgholor, etc. Could be a fun mix & match, but this underachieving bunch got unlucky in the FA market. Renfrow went from being the Welker/Edelman in McDaniels' offense to fighting for Davante's leftovers, Kirk joined a clusterfuck in Jax and impedes Treadwell's estimable '21 progress (my #1 darkhorse coming out of last season) as well. One of the reasons i left the league is that i wanted to skip a yr scouting the rookies, but i hear Burks has the highest ceiling of the wideouts. Like the multi options, but some bustouts must occur. C


TE: Kelce The only one who actually matters. A+


Bad choice taking Mia D after the reason for it being good (Flores) is gone


OVERALL: This team will need to get some karma back, but will be fun to run & could contend. C+

12:30 pm
March 23, 2022


NFL Veteran
NFL Veteran

posts 341



QB: LJackson, THill, JGoff. Dicey. Contract yr has always been an angle of mine, but not w QBs anymore. Possible nuther self-shutdown as i hear LJ is sick of Greg Roman's offense, the dings are starting to add up and the Ohio ascendancy in the division could be problematic. Hope he makes a fool of me cuz i'd love to see him play the way i think he can. Dunno why Taysom aint given an honest shot, but dont look like he will be. And now the draftbuzz is that if Jax takes the Mich DE, the Lions will take Malik Willis @ 1.02. B-


RB: NHarris, EElliot, CEH, CCarson, DWilliams, RJones, MMack, rookies. Loooove Najee, hope his offense soon deserves him. Still believe Zeke is as good as he wants to be (best shotgun back i've ever seen), which has made me blind to his decline. CEH is a netminus as a bellcow and hasnt learned to use the best part of himself in this scheme. Carson's a coinflip anymore, Mack could be value if he signs w Hou, dunno those rookies. Must have gotten some of these in value spots to have that many good maybes – hope it works out. B


WR: THill, THiggins, ACooper, CClaypool, CDavis, JReynolds, JDotson, JCrowder. Gimme that Ty/Tee, whitey! Hill could get lost in a Terrell Owens celeb fog if Tua cant get him sumn to run under, but Tee Higgins is the most underrated WR in the game. I'd like to believe Amari wont quit late for Cle like he so often has, but i dont. But even MVP Mitch is an improvement on Blubber Ben at throwing the kind of passes Claypool likes best. 2nd line could be useful – Dotson is a kid Boston media is all over wanting BB to draft. A


TE: DSchultz, ISmith. Nothing wasted – may Irv finally break out. B


Nothing special about special


OVERALL: Excellent value drafting. All hinges on how Lamar holds up. Not good enough to overcome a 2nd-half QB starter chase, could go deep if LJax regains MVP form. B+

7:29 am
April 27, 2022


Nonya . . .

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NFL Veteran

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