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Cobb for Nicks

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1:23 pm
October 31, 2012


NFL Rookie
NFL Rookie

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I got Cobb in a trade last week. One owner was complaining as he thinks Cobb is a top 10 WR and I didn't give up enough to get him.


Cobb can also be kept for 2013 and 2014 at the cost of a 4th round pick.

So I offered this owner Cobb for Calvin. Knew it would be rejected, but wanted to make a point.

He countered with Nicks for Cobb and said I can get Hixon tossed in if I want him.

I've been gone the past 3 Sundays and have no idea what to think of Hakeem Nicks. Nicks can not be kept.


Am I crazy for not taking this? Thoughts are Cobb's value is much higher in PPR than standard. Not only is Jennings not a factor right now, but he also won't be around next season making this an even more interesting keeper option. I know Nicks has been a stud previously, and I probably have him ranked higher than Cobb…. but I think it's real close and my best bet may be to hold tight and evaluate keeper potential.

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2:13 pm
October 31, 2012


just east of here…

Straight up G
Straight up G

posts 2908

That's a tough one.

I absolutely love playing for the future but I generally like to do it on the cheap.  Thing is, you already got Cobb n' apparently cheap so you'd be giving that up rather than gaining it.

Nicks, on the other hand, has been dinged and, though reportedly now healthy, hasn't really been generating his usual numbers.  In our 1/2 pt ppr lg, Nicks has put up as many as 8 pts exactly once this season …of course, that day he went off for over 30.  Meanwhile, Cobb's put up tasty numbers for the last 5 wks in a row.

Both still have their byes coming up n' NY has only a very slightly more favorable schedule for WRs.  Cobb has Rodgers throwing to him n' I like that a lot better than Eli.  Also, it's just a feeling but I get the idea that Rodgers doesn't tunnel-in on one guy as often as Eli does, so any wk there'd be a real chance Cruz would get all the looks n' Nicks could get shut out.  Couple that with the fact that the NFL is so secretive about injuries that we don't have & can't have an honest take on just how healthy Nicks actually is.

Nicks has proven he's capable of producing upper-level WR1 numbers; that's still potential for Cobb.  But the potential definitely seems to be there & he's sure got the QB to deliver.  If the keeper rd was even as low as 6-7, I'd say no.  If Nicks was healthy & Cruz was dinged, I'd say jump all over it.  Everything considered (not knowing how your tm's doing this yr, what your playoff chances look like, the remaining schedule, other keeper info, etc), the best I can do is lean toward saying "pass."

I wouldn't have said that a month ago n' find it difficult to believe I'm saying it now (I've owned Nicks n' liked him).  But I think if it was me I'd probably turn it down.

Geez, I can't take reponsibilty for that.  A month from now you could be kickin' your heels or lookin' to lynch me.  Forget I said anything.  Don't listen to me, what the hell do I know???

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3:05 pm
October 31, 2012


NFL Rookie
NFL Rookie

posts 228

I have the exact same thoughts DR…

I have the two WR's ranked almost dead even for the rest of the season. I also have been starting Eli most weeks so if Eli sucks Nicks is also going to suck.

I'm leading my division at 5-3 should come right down to the wire if I get in as division champ or WC champ.

I doubt I'd keep Cobb over Gronk, Morris, or Riddley, but his keeper trade value is still currently there. Part of me keeps thinking to last season when I was trying to move Cruz thinking he can't keep this pace up and no way would anyone keep him… Lucky for me all my offers were turned down.

1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 1 RB/WR/TE

Eli, Roth

Alfred, Ridley,

Marshall, Cobb, Fitz, Garcon, Britt, DHB

Gronk, Olsen, Bennett

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