2016 Fanatics Draft Complete!

Here at Phoenix Fantasy Sports, we have an annual tradition of drafting immediately after the Super Bowl ends. We call it the fanatics draft, because, well, who else but a fanatic would draft so early!?! This is a 12-team 22 round draft, and it is probably one of the funnest drafts for me, personally. Rookies are draftable. We usually try to finish the draft before free agency begins, which could turn late round flier picks in to mid round draft picks if the player lands in a good situation. Since it is such a deep league, I believe it’s imperative for teams to have at least 2 if not 3 QBs, and at least 2 serviceable defenses. Kickers don’t matter in this league, and they shouldn’t anywhere else.

We keep the owners on the list anonymous to welcome any open critiques. We love to get feedback and analysis on how our teams look. If you’d like to make a comment or critique, please create an account if you haven’t done so already, and click on the link to the forum!

2016 Fanatics Grid

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